You Are All Winners: President Tells Participants

You Are All Winners: President Tells Participants



The President has told participants of the recently concluded President Yahya Jammeh International Award for Quran Memorisation Competition that each one of them is a winner.

GAMBIAN WINS INT 2“In any competition there is always a winner and a loser that is why it is called a competition but in this competition there is no loser because the prize all of you have is the most important prize and that is the blessings of the Almighty Allah’s reward and may He reward you all,” he said.

The President was speaking on Wednesday night at State House in Banjul while presiding over a dinner at the Presidency to present prizes and certificates to participants that took part in the competition organised as part of activities marking the 22nd anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution.

He added that when the fear of Allah and Iman is inculcated in the minds of people in a country that country would be secure, peaceful and prosperous, noting that is the reason The Gambia is peaceful and secure.

He affirmed that The Gambia is an Islamic Republic based on the Holy Quran and it is going to be a truly Islamic country. “We have to be true Muslims so that tomorrow we will not be on the left hand side of the Almighty Allah. I have been targeted since I was born but Allah has given me a timetable of how long I should live in this country, there is no might or power in this world that can reduce one minute from that.”

He said there is only one authority that he lives for, fears, and will die worshiping; and that is the Almighty Allah. He noted that Islam is a noble religion that will last whether people like it or not. He added that he will not compromise his religion for anything.

The President expressed gratitude to Allah, the Almighty for the growth of Islam in The Gambia. He said this was not the case 22 years ago when he took over the country, when there was only one central mosque where Friday prayers are performed in the capital, Banjul.

“Today, many villages and towns in this country have a mosque to the extent that the security, academic institutions and other work places all have mosques where people pray during Friday prayers,” he said.

The Gambian leader concluded his remarks by calling on people to return to God and commending the organisers, participants as well as the judges for their support and effort towards the successful hosting of the event.


by Musa Ndow