Yusupha Sey: One of the Top 100 People in Denmark



    In this maiden edition of the Diaspora, the latest of a growing list of weekly columns on the pages of the Daily Observer Newspaper, we feature Yusupha Sey, a Gambian based in Denmark, Scandinavia.

    YUSUPHA SEY Yusupha, 29, is one of the top 100 people in that country that are under the age of 35. The young entrepreneur is also an adviser to the Danish Minister of Growth.

    The Daily Observer recently conducted an interview with Yusupha and his responses to our questions can be found below.

    1. Background

    Yusupha Sey was born in Gambia in 1987 (29 years ago) to Mam Abdoulie Sey of Latrikunda (Partner at Sahel Invest Group) and to Justice Mary Mam Yassin Sey (former Gambian High Court Judge, current International Supreme Court Judge).

    I was raised in Kotu where I lived until 2001 when I moved to Washington DC for high school, and then to London, United Kingdom in 2005 for University. I attended the University of Greenwich and studied Business Management before moving back to The Gambia in 2010 to settle down.

    In Gambia I started two companies, Fidelity Group Ltd & Coccio Group Ltd. Both were commody Export Companies involved in exporting Timber, Groundnuts etc to China alongside Chinese investors and partners.


    1. Denmark

    I moved to Denmark in March 2013 after two and a half years in Gambia as my wife is Danish (whom I met in 2009 whilst studying in London). I started a Management Consulting company in Denmark before finally starting my current company, and the most successful of all my previous attempts at business – this company is called “AthGene” (short for Athletic Genetics).

    AthGene is a Genetics company that analyses the DNA of people who are into fitness, and gives them advice about how to tailor their nutrition/food consumption as well as their training to match their specific genetic potential. We basically assist people in getting fit, and staying fit, by explaining exactly how their unique body’s work on a genetic/molecular level.

    We started the company in January 2015, and we have since raised three investment rounds from well respected Danish investors.


    1. Achievements

    My current Roles – CEO of AthGene

    Chairman of AlleCarte (another company)

    Advisor to the Danish Minister of Growth (Government of Denmark)

    My company Chairman is Morten Lund, who is one of the co-founders of Skype (the global video chat technology company)

    My other company Chairman (we have two) is Brian Peterson (who has led global companies such as Procter & Gamble, Coloplast etc)

    I am one of the Top 100 People in Denmark under 35 Years Old (recognised by the oldest newspaper in the country – Berlingske)


    1. Future

    My wife and I plan on moving back to The Gambia within the next five years. I plan on building a globally successful business before returning to Gambia (within five years).

    I then plan on investing in The Gambia and building new enterprises back home


    1. Final Words

    Nothing is impossible, I arrived in Denmark with little capital, zero connections, and I did not even understand the language – now I am recognised as one of the Top 100 People in the country and I advice the Minister of Growth on making Denmark a hub of innovation all within three years. Hard work pays off.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my story to our people. I hope it inspires someone back home as I have been inspired by so many before me.